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Getting a new kitchen can be a tricky task but with these few handy tips you can be sure to make the right decisions and have a smooth experience when planning, designing and ordering your new kitchen.


Explore different ideas and collect information

It is important to take your time and ensure that the final design is exactly as you imagined it to be.  There are so many options when designing (especially kitchens!) these days so this is your chance to use your imagination! Your kitchen will be designed to suit you and your lifestyle so make sure you share all of your opinions and ideas during your initial home visit with the designer. Make a list of ideas and functionalities you require from your kitchen before your initial home visit to ensure everything is covered.


Consider the space available

It is amazing what can be done with a bit of clever designing to make your kitchen appear bigger and more spacious.  Think about the layout carefully and if you are unsure, always ask the designer for advice. 


Query the plan/design or cost of items

Always ask if you have any questions regarding the design provided, the designer will always be able to provide an answer.  Never be worried to ask about lower cost options.  We will always do our best to meet your budget and provide plenty of options to still get the look you require for a lower cost.


Plan carefully

This is particularly important when planning your kitchen. Always remember to consider all aspects of the kitchen’s use, for example, don't only plan for cooking, think about eating space, storage space, breakfast bars, dining areas etc.  In addition to this, it is important to plan for the future, for example, children, pets, family, selling the property and so on.


Check, check and double check your design and price before committing to the order

Although it is rare, it is possible an item may have been missed off your design or there may be something on there you no longer require.  Always check the design make sure you are 100% happy with the plan.  Although any problems can be resolved, it's always best to check to avoid any delays in the delivery of your kitchen.

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